Multi-core smart console
IoT system
|Environmental Construction of Smart Future Classroom|
Wisdom calligraphy classroom environment construction
Environmental construction of smart music classroom
Through the Internet of Things technology, build a full connection to realize intelligent centralized control between the space systems
One-click setting of teaching scene mode, intelligent environment detection and control, and the teaching system, lighting system,
Combination of air conditioning control system, ventilation system, security monitoring system and student growth record system
Use cutting-edge technology to interpret the immersive teaching experience, and provide a variety of intelligent application services around the fundamental needs of teaching
Create a good and comfortable teaching environment for teachers and students
The company adheres to innovation, practicality, honesty, modesty, minimalism, easy to understand, durable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically significant
Ten design concepts that insist on consistency to every detail
Try to redefine the product definition of the core equipment of smart classrooms in universities
Brand new smart podium shape design
The table uses a dual-screen inclined display
Support the synchronous and asynchronous operation of the PC architecture + cloud terminal dual system
Support face recognition countertop control or credit card permission management mode
Equipped with space IoT control system
Add real-time handwriting and electronic writing functions
Can realize wireless same screen and mobile phone signal shielding
Support single screen, dual screen comparison,
projection fusion large screen teaching
Support local control and remote control
Provide software and teaching resources for teachers and students
The smart future classroom is the core of the smart campus and the vane of the development of the smart classroom.
It is based on the Internet of Things technology to realize the interconnection of "people and people", "people and things", and "things and things".
In-depth integration of informatization and practical teaching, so that the Internet of Things system, dual-screen teaching system, and interactive recording and broadcasting system are seamlessly integrated into one
Take the wisdom calligraphy education space as the overall layout, fully reflect the perfect integration of traditional and modern technology, and carry out systematic and lean design; based on the needs of space construction, fully consider the application scenarios, customer value and user experience of calligraphy education, according to different teaching scenarios Provide a series of solutions for the needs of the company.
Strive to create a series of solutions for smart music education, change the traditional music teaching mode, and make music teaching more happy and efficient
For the purpose of cultivating students’ music literacy, based on teaching software and hardware systems, and normalized recording and broadcasting equipment as tools
Use the co-creation and sharing platform as the medium to realize the creation and sharing of music teaching resources
|Future products come into being |
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