The university has to do enough homework in advance to do a good job of "cloud defense"

Issuing time:2020-09-08 14:56

Recently, the official website of the School of Undergraduates of Wuhan University issued a notice officially confirming that the defense of the 2020 undergraduate thesis (design) should be conducted online in principle. So far, after graduate students from many universities will defend online, the undergraduates of Wuhan University have also entered the ranks of "cloud defense".

   It is foreseeable that the undergraduates of Wuhan University will not be alone. This year, there will probably be a large number of undergraduates across the country using "cloud defense" to complete their university studies. Ensuring the high-quality completion of the defense work may be the central task of relevant universities for some time in the future, and it will also become the focus of public attention.

   The preparations for the "cloud defense" cannot be exaggerated. According to the content of past undergraduate defenses, the software that can undertake the work of "cloud defense" must have basic functions such as supporting shared screen online playback of PPT, online file sharing, and at least 10 people online at the same time. Familiar with the software functions in advance will become the "additional questions" that the respondent and students must do. Anyone who is not familiar with the operation may interfere with the defense process. In the previous two months, the large-scale online teaching that has been rolled out across the country can be regarded as "demining" for the defense of colleges and universities in a sense, and "visiting" all the problems that may be encountered. Colleges and universities should summarize in time and make preparations.

   "Cloud defense" should also consider error correction mechanisms and remedial measures. Online teaching has problems in the real-time live broadcast, and teachers and students still have enough time to remedy it after class, which will not have a big impact on students. However, the thesis defense is a "one-shot deal" to a certain extent. The defense committee should evaluate the students' graduation thesis (design) quality and defense performance, decide whether the student passes the defense, and then give the defense results, which directly determines the students' Whether to graduate successfully and get a degree certificate. In such an important occasion, if there are problems outside of the students’ ability, and the defense process is disturbed and the defense quality is affected, should the school take corresponding measures to ensure the seriousness and quality of the defense work of undergraduates’ graduation thesis (design) and Ensuring the interests of students and not leaving regrets for their four years of hard study due to accidents?

   Thesis defense should especially consider the needs of special groups. Many schools stipulate that during the defense process, in order to ensure the effect of the defense, the defense record will be made, and even the entire defense process will be recorded. In this way, both the school's network is very good, and the network signal of the student's area cannot be dropped. Not long ago, there were reports in the media that a small number of students in remote areas climbed the mountains and even climbed to the top of the mountain to study in the open in search of network signals. If there are such students who need to participate in the thesis defense, are all aspects of the work properly prepared? It is of great interest to the students. The school should start to find out and try to provide humane help to students who are really in difficulties. In addition, there are many science and engineering students participating in the defense. They often need to draw on-site pictures and even do experiments when responding. Art students also need to perform artistic performance. For these students, whether the technical means can provide effective support during the defense process. The school should also know it well.

   Thesis (design) defense is the last and most beautiful chapter of a student’s university study. A well-performed graduation defense is not only a summary of the essence of the students' four-year university study, but also opens the curtain of their future careers. In this special year, compared with students of previous years, this year's graduates have a different life experience. With the efforts of government departments at all levels, schools, and all sectors of society, problems involving the teaching and employment of college students have gradually been properly resolved. Many graduates have experienced the initial confusion, their mentality has been adjusted to the position, and they are ready to step out of the school’s door. Prepare to meet the challenges of the workplace. In the final moments of their college careers, no matter where they are, relevant departments and universities should really put the interests of students in mind, and rather consider the difficulties and problems more and more carefully, so as to help them successfully complete this questionnaire.

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